Katrina Finds Something to Talk About

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It’s said that Katrina Kaif has finally mastered Hindi and is giving a stunning performance in the filming of Prakash Jha’s Rajniti. Rumour also has it that she’s had another spat with Salman Khan – this time over the presence of his former love’s portrait in his home. Salman, of course, had painted the portrait of Aishwarya Rai himself. He likes it so much that he is reluctant to part from it. We wonder if the spat was in Hindi as Katrina is said to now speak to Salman in the national tongue?

Meanwhile, the golden girl, who now has six hits in a row, will be seen playing the cello in Subhash Ghai’s Yuvraj.

If that’s not enough, she will also be seen playing a God in the eagerly-awaited Hello, based on Chetan Bhagat’s mega-hit novel One Night At A Call Centre. Katrina is seen in a train compartment with Salman at the beginning of the film and it is she that narrates the story that is to follow. Later, her deified status is revealed. “Yes, Katrina is indeed playing God in Hello,” said an insider. “After playing out and out glamorous roles in each of her films so far, Katrina will be seen in a different ‘avatar’ altogether, as she gets to do God’s role. However, it is not one of those performances as seen in mythological films – she will be pretty much the lady of today.” For those who haven’t yet read the book, please accept this reporter’s advice and do so – it’s the most refreshing book I’ve read in years. The film is scheduled to be released on 10th October.

Now if Salman and Kat are the golden couple off-screen, spats aside, on-screen Katrina makes up a golden couple with Akshay Kumar, with the two of them now having enjoyed four hits together. Why does Akshay enjoy working with her so much? “Katrina still exudes freshness in every film and that makes her likable – a rare asset and a goldmine for any actor,” he said. Akshay calls her Little Kat and she calls him Uncle Akshay!

Despite the testosterone-fuelled conflict between Salman and SRK, Katrina has confirmed that she will be taking part in SRK’s upcoming Temptations Reloaded tour. She will be taking part in the Dubai section. “Yes, I will be performing in the Temptations tour,” she confirmed, “I am currently shooting for a Yash Raj film and Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani is next in the list. So with these films on hand, my dates for the shoot and tour had to be adjusted.”

The big question of course is ‘Will Salman and Katrina get married?’ Salman’s brother Sohail may have the answer – “Katrina is a part of the family already, ” he says, “But I can’t really say when it will be official. But they are such that when they marry, they will be dedicated to their marriage.”

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