Katrina Kaif Barbie hits toy stores this month

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A Katrina Kaif Barbie doll will be hitting the Indian market this month. The actress is quite excited that there is going to be a plastic version of herself in toy stores, saying “I am looking forward to this. I used to play with Barbie as a child. It’s indeed a humbling experience for me.”

Katrina is the first Bollywood star who will take the form of a Barbie doll. In 2009, she walked the ramp dressed as Barbie during its 50th birthday celebration. The launch of the Katrina Barbie at toy stores will be followed by a fashion show and a video which introduces the iconic doll.

Initially, the Katrina Barbie will feature her as a movie star, but there are already talks to launch her in various avatars. The question is, will there be a Sheila Ki Jawani theme for the new Barbie?

She says, “It’s a very special moment for me. It’s the first time that an Asian actress has been chosen to feature in the Barbie range. My sisters are more proud of this achievement than any of my films, which they don’t have much knowledge of. But who hasn’t heard of a Barbie doll?”

The actress already knows who she will be giving her first batch of Barbies to. They include her niece, Maya and Farah Khan’s triplets – Anya, Czar and Diva.

“The first doll will go to my sister’s two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Maya because she is obsessed with Barbie. I’m going to London for a couple of days for work. I’ll give her the doll then,” says Katrina.

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