Katrina Kaif getting in shape for action role

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Priyanka Chopra did it for Krissh, Deepika Padukone for Chandni Chowk to China and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did it for Jodhaa Akbar. All three ladies took their roles to heart by training for their countless stunts in their respective films. These days it’s not about the action scenes containing the actors but all about the actresses who pull off awesome stunts Charlies Angels style. Among them, Katrina Kaif will be joining the list because she will soon be seen doing her own action scenes soon. For what film you ask? Dhoom 3!

With the highly anticipated film’s first schedule coming up, Katrina is not sitting around. She is taking all the help and tips she can get from an international fitness instructor to train her accordingly for Dhoom 3.

A source told TOI, “Kat will have hardcore action scenes in “Dhoom 3″, almost at par with that of costar Aamir Khan.”

Apparently she’ll be playing a gymnast, Yasmin Karachiwala (Katrina’s trainer) plans to change Katrina’s routine workout to incorporate lean and flexibility once she returns from London.

Looks like there will be a lot of training and working out for Katrina this year. Can’t wait to see it all paid off once the movie releases, but that will be quite the wait because Dhoom 3 is not scheduled to hit theaters until 2013.

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