Katrina Kaif is Asia’s Sexiest Woman Again

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For the second year running, Katrina Kaif has grabbed the top spot as Asia’s sexiest woman – as awarded by the UK’s prestigious Eastern Eye magazine. Also in the top ten were British TV actress Laila Rouass of Primeval, who is of Moroccan and Indian descent – and Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat from the movie Insha’Allah. All the other top ten places were occupied by Bollywood actresses.

Kat was full of praise earlier this week for designer Farah Khan’s sexy circus-themed lingerie show for Triumph. “It was a grand night. It was lot of fun,” she said, “It’s not that easy to pull off a show like this in India. You have to do it in a way that every one is happy and comfortable and that’s exactly what Farah did.” The show was attended by many other Bollywood celebrities including the Kumars, Anil Kapoor and Raveena Tandon.

Kat is feeling sad at the moment as the time has come to part with her favourite Audi car which was recently damaged. Mechanics have advised her not to continue to drive in it but she is reluctant to let go of what was one of the first symbols of her success. “Katrina becomes very attached to her things,” explained a source, “She likes to keep all the things that she uses no matter how old they become or how bad their condition gets.”

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