Katrina Kaif is Not Hot & Sexy

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Denying the evidence before our very eyes, the unscientific Katrina Kaif insists that she is not hot & sexy. She argues that audiences simply see actors in particular roles and keep them there. Her own screen persona, she says, is one of being hot and sexy, whereas Vidya Balan, perhaps, has a persona that is pictured as ethnic.

Nevertheless, Katrina is grateful for the adoration her fans show her and hopes they stick around for a while longer. “It’s been a wonderful ride so far and I’ve had wonderful support from a lot of people,” she says, “The audience has been very supportive and I hope that I keep getting the opportunity and the good work and as long as that’s there, I am happy.”

Katrina is looking forward to the release of Raajneeti, which she believes will broaden her appeal away from the hot & sexy image alone. Rumours suggest her performance is outstanding and she may be up for even a National Award. Of greater pride to Katrina is that she believes in portraying such an intensive role, she has finally perfected her Hindi. “It was a challenge I set for myself,” she confirms, “I’ve always paid that extra attention to my dubbing. But Raajneeti is really tough. Was I challenged by other actors speaking such fluent Hindi in Raajneeti? No, I always look at only myself for competition.”

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