Katrina Kaif & John Abraham Rejected!

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Top stars Katrina Kaif and John Abraham were refused entry to a nightclub in New York when they were trying to join a party for a crew member on their movie New York. “When they were stopped at the nightclub, they tried to reason with the bouncers that they were well known and respected people from India,” said a friend, “John and Katrina told them that they were film stars from India but the bouncers only stared at them. The bouncers had no clue what John and Katrina were talking about.”

Katrina has recently been nominated for a Best Indian Award along with others such as Manmohan Singh and Aamir Khan. “It is just such a great honour to be even considered to be in the same league as these great achievers,” she says. Katrina has also been encouraging her sister, Isabelle Kaif, to sign up at the Lee Strasberg Theatre School in New York. Isabelle hopes to join the industry in a year or two.

John, meanwhile, has hurt himself whilst filming an action scene for his upcoming cricket comedy, Hook Ya Crook. His injury became apparent later whilst he attended an awards ceremony. “John was seen limping,” said a source, “He was seated in the front row, and was seen pulling up his right trouser leg and checking his foot several times. When people around him asked, he informed them that he hurt himself on the sets of Hook Ya Crook.”

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