Katrina Kaif scared of training for Dhoom 3

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As Dhoom 3 is getting ready to begin, everyone including cast and crew begin to feel the pressure of giving their best, some more than others. One in particular is Katrina Kaif, especially since this will be her very first action film.

While filming in London for Yash Chopra’s film, Katrina was already undertaking training during her breaks. Now that filming of the first schedule is completed, she must now work full time towards shaping up fiercely for Dhoom 3.

She may be skinny and lean but feels that she’s isn’t flexible. Training goes for four hours a day which consists of intensive and specialised training. Katrina says, “The sessions are basically to determine what my stamina is like and how much I can take. Which is what is scaring me.”

Of course we all know doing something for the very first time is scary but we are positive that Katrina will ace the role.

Along with Katrina, Dhoom:3 brings back Abhishek Bachchan’s Jai along with Uday Chopra’s Ali who this time are taking on Aamir Khan!

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