Katrina Kaif to Remake 3 Idiots?

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Those of us who sat through 3 Idiots imagining Katrina Kaif in the Kareena Kapoor role may soon be able to add some substance to their imaginings. Rumour has it that Gemini, who hold the production rights for both the Telegu and Tamil versions, are in advanced discussions with the British actress for the role. If she decides to accept this mission, she would star opposite superstar Vijay.

Katrina, together with the rest of the cast, have been busy promoting the upcoming release of Rajneeti in Mumbai this weekend – at the Galaxy Hotel to be precise. Director Prakash Jha claims the characters in the film are drawn from the epic Mahabharata. “The story is the same kind of familial battle, except it is set in this day and age,” he explains, “The film talks about every possible kind of politics – personal, social, state and national. Also, today, the word ‘politics’ has become derogatory, the film tries to understand that.”

Katrina, currently working on Tees Maar Khan, the latest in the Katrina-Akshay jodi, is also busy shaping up the script for her first personal production – a remake of a French film in which she plays a scheming woman who enjoys manipulation and winning confrontation – une salope in french. She recognises this will be a challenge for her. “I am not confrontational by nature,” she says, “This character I’ve to play is aggressive to the point of being alien to me. I would rather walk away from ugly situations than let my private space be crowded with chaos and negativity.”

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