Katrina Kaif turns Stylist

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Katrina Kaif is always known to shine in anything she wears wherever she goes, and is therefore considered to be one of the best dressed in Bollywood. Now, she will be able using her knowledge of fashion in her films further working with onset stylists and molding her character for a better fit. In Dhoom: 3 and Bang Bang Katrina will be sharing her views in regard to the style of her characters to some extent. She says “I am very much involved in my films’ styling, though I don’t like shopping for myself.”

It’s believed that Katrina will be trying to get on a whole new level of fashion and will be making sure she looks extra perfect in everything. Styling in films will not be the only time Katrina will be having an input, from not on it’s said that she will be working with stylists for her brand endorsements and public appearances. Knowing that Katrina is able to pull of anything she wears, there’s still a lot left to imagine with what she’ll pull off next.

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