Katrina Kaif’s Latest Choices

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It seems like Katrina Kaif is in a somewhat confused mood these days. The actress who appeared on screen in every other film in the past few years is finally being a bit pickier when it comes to small roles.

The first of these incidents happened for Rumi Jafri’s Life Partner for which Katrina, as well as Lara Dutta, was approached for a cameo role opposite Govinda. Of course the reason behind her not being able to take the role was the classic ‘date problem’ excuse. However, rumour has it that it was the short length of the role that put Katrina off.

However, it seems that where Akshay Kumar is concerned the actress has no problem with the length of the role. Indeed that is why despite having quite a small role in his home production De Dhana Dhan she went ahead and signed on the dotted lines without thinking twice. She says that no hesitation was in question when Akki is in the picture.

Well time will tell if this choice is indeed the right one because at the peak of her career even the smallest mistake could cost her more than just a hit.

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