Katrina learning the cello

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For her role in Subahash Ghai’s Main Yuvraj, Katrina Kaif is going the extra mile to make sure her character is authentic. In the film Katrina’s character is a cello player and to be comfortable and look like she really is playing the cello Katrina is taking cello lessons.

Katrina said, “I get to play the cello in Subhashji’s film. The thing with the cello is, you can’t completely learn to play it all at once, like the piano or the sitar. It’s an instrument that takes years to master.” Katrina took lessons from an orchestra player to make sure that she was holding the cello and using the bow correctly.

In fact, she even learned to play the melody that plays throughout the film, “Luckily for me, Subhashji’s films have an ongoing theme piece running through the music soundtrack. I’ve familiarized myself with that on the cello,” she said. So when you see her playing the music in the film it will actually be her playing the notes, not her just sawing the bow back and forth.

Main Yuvraj also stars Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor.

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