Katrina Opens Up

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Bollywood’s most talked about jodi, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif seem to be making an attempt to reignite the spark in their relationship, with rumours afloat about the status of their relationship.

The jodi, which is not known for their public display of affection, has kept the media busy with speculation. While Salman has been open about his equation with Katrina, Katrina has never talked about Salman in the six years that they have known each other.

I guess this is why many were surprised after Kaif finally spoke up about Khan in an interview for a television channel. Admitting that her sensitivity as a person was the reason behind the secrecy of their their relationship, Katrina revealed, “He has been a wonderful person for the last six years I have known him. He has got a great soul and he is very fearless. He is not afraid of anything and he is not an insecure person. A lot of people live their lives with so much insecurity-fear of rejection, of losing things. But he doesn’t fear. And he tries to teach me that.”

Katrina discussed further “In case of other people, he has a great quality of being able to negate all the bad things and flaws and see their potential.”

Here’s hoping this relationship definitely finds its spark again…

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