Katrina-Preity: The new BFFs

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In Bollywood, it is not often that two female celebrities get along and admit their friendship. In fact, we can count the best-bud list on our fingers: Kareena Kapoor-Amrita Arora; Koena Mitra-Tanushree Dutta; Kim Sharma-Preity Jhangiani are just a few names of the small list. So whenever the grapevines shout, holler and scream of a new female friendship, it gets a lot of attention. One such dosti is that of the diva Katrina Kaif and Preity Zinta .

Katrina is one to quickly admit that she doesn’t have too many friends amongst the female folk in Bwood but absolutely adores Preity darling. The duo manages to take time out of their busy schedules to chat, shop and hang out with each other. In her words she claimed, “Preity is such a warm and lovely person.”

So there goes out the theory that most of the industry femmes claim, “two actresses cannot be friends.” But a quick reminder, many of the past actresses who have declared their “best-friends-forever” statuses with another co-actress have found those very friendships fall and break within the snap of your fingers. Memory need a jog? Aishwarya and Rani had their fallout after Rani stepped in for Ash in Chalte Chalte and the Priyanka-Kareena friendship seemed to have died out completely.

Only time will tell if this one lasts or crashes and burns. However, we do hope they do remain the best of friends and we see their better-halves, Ness Wadia and Salman Khan do some bonding of their own. Hey, a double date is in order here girls!

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