Katrina’s freewheeling gift

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Katrina Kaif promised cinematographer Kabir Lal a car if he made her look good in Yuvraaj. Now, having seen the rushes, director Subhash Ghai believes she’ll have to live up to her promise: “She has seen the promos and is very relaxed now,” he says, “She made a special mention of Kabir Lal’s work to me. Katrina had promised a car to Kabir. She is a girl who does not go back on her words. She is very magnanimous by nature.”

Katrina is hoping that Yuvraaj will provide her with her seventh hit in a row – we won’t count the small cameo in Hello recently – and the signs look good. The film also stars Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Zayed Khan. She is enjoying every moment of her golden run in the box office charts. “Four years ago, if somebody had predicted my current box office status, I would have probably rubbished that person,” she says, “But today, all that I had dreamt of for myself has come true. Life certainly throws some amazing surprises at you.”

Because English is her first language, she has expressed an interest recently in making some crossover films for the western market. “The kind of crossover films being made today are really mind-blowing. I will identify with those projects more than anybody else because of my upbringing and also because of the fact that English is my first language. But I would want to wait for a really good part to come to me.” She is particularly excited at the arrival of big western studios into Bollywood such as Sony and Warner Bros, believing this will open up more opportunities. “They couldn’t have come at a better time or to a better place,” she argues.

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