Katrina’s Sister in MMS Scandal

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Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabel Kaif, who is on the verge of launching her career in Bollywood, is involved in an unsavoury affair with a video clip circulating on the net that apparently shows her in a compromising scene with a man. The clip has now gone viral after being banned by the more responsible video sites. In a situation reminiscent of the Shahid Kapur-Kareena Kapoor incident of last year, the origin of the clip has been traced back to a Canadian site.

Of course, the clip could be a fake and even possibly the following comment from a source apparently close to the Kaifs: “Truthfully, it was quite shocking to digest the fact that it was indeed Isabel in the video. She was being groomed by both Salman and Katrina for her debut and Kat had even begun to take her sister along to several events in the city to familiarise her with the industry. Katrina had even enrolled Isabel in the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York – an institute that has produced numerous acting talents in Hollywood.”

Meanwhile, Katrina has agreed to work with AR Rahman on a new production of nursery rhymes for a mass-market DVD production. She will be acting out roles from the rhymes. “Adding magic to the mix, Katrina will take the children through the lilting rhymes in her own inimitable style in the video,” said a source for the company, “Katrina’s popularity amongst kids and her affable style and persona on screen made her fit for such a project.”

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