Kay Kay Menon to tackle 14 roles in one movie!

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In his new film Drream Man, Kay Kay Menon will be playing 14 different characters! Directed by Makrand Deshpande, the film revolves around the story of two characters that come to Mumbai to make their dreams come true. It is a comedy using the Hindi film industry as a backdrop.

Menon said about his roles, “I play the Dream Man in the film, who gives hope to every dreamer and thereby helps him achieve his dreams.”

Deshpande added that, “Every person has a dream and one should know whether the dream is realistic or not and if it is, then Dream Man is that person who keeps the hope alive in the dreamer. In the chase of your dream you tend to imagine that every person is motivating you towards your goal, every motivating person becomes your dream man, thus Kay Kay who is playing the dream man has been shown in different getups in the film.”

This is the first time Menon will attempt to essay so many characters in one film. A few of the 14 characters the versatile actor will play in the movie include a businessman, a rock star, a police officer, a journalist and a milkman.

The film also stars Afzaal Khan as an inspiring actor and Amit Mistry as a struggling singer, with Vasudha as Mistry’s love interest. Vasudha, who is the lead singer of band ‘ASMA’, is making her acting debut.

The premise of the film certainly makes us sit up and take notice! We cannot wait to see this outstanding actor in all these different avatars!

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