Keerthi Gowda’s Parents Shocked

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Keerthi Gowda comes from a very traditional family and her parents were shocked when she told them she had gained a role in her first movie Nannusire, opposite Rahul. “I was very happy to get the chance to act in that film but it was tough to get my parents’ approval,” she says.

Times have changed, however, and her mother is now very proud of Keerthi’s burgeoning career which includes Jolly Days, a remake of the hit Tollywood movie Happy Days, and Preethi Nee Saasvathaanaa which releases on Friday. “I have a lot of hope pinned on this film,” Keerthi states, “I hope the audience will accept the film, which conveys a useful message to young people.”

The young actress also appeared in the recently released Just Maath Maathalli, opposite Sudeep who taught her a lot about acting. “I can never forget Sudeep sir’s help and cooperation,” she says, “I learnt a lot from him. Acting in Just Maath Maathalli was a nice experience for me.”

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