Kelly calls out Dino

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Lara Dutta and Kelly Dorji were dating for eons before the duo decided to call it quits. While the reason of their break up is unknown, some sources claim that the seven year itch finally caught with the couple and they decided to venture out of their relationship. On the other hand, others claim that with Lara’s acting looking up, post Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and Partner, she realized perhaps linking arms with Kelly wasn’t such a smart idea anymore.

In a recent interview to a leading magazine, Kelly Dorji spills his heart and the beans on the Dino-Lara linkup. He claims that ex best friend Dino Morea, did not feel the need to inform him of his new found love in Lara. “He was my best friend; not anymore. When Lara and I broke up, we moved on so she was free to see whoever she wanted to see,” he told the reporter. However, instead of staying sour, Dorji has turned towards spirituality. He feels he has been “wronged” by his best friend and has some soul searching to do in order to heal.

He did not however, expect his friend to leave him in the dark about his new relationship. In fact, he revealed that it was Lara who eventually came out and told him, “He hasn’t told me till date. She had to come and tell me because he didn’t. One has to be a man and stand up for what you do. If one wants to piss away 15 years then be ready to stand up for it.”

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