‘Khatta Meetha’ screenplay to go to Oscar Library!

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Akshay Kumar strikes again with his latest project, Priyadarshan’s Khatta Meetha, receiving a request from the prestigious Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to acquire a copy of the screenplay of the film.

Having recently been announced as the Canadian Tourism Commission’s (CTC) Ambassador for India, Akshay Kumar continues to take USA and Canada by storm and the actor has now been approached by the Beverly Hills based library to contribute towards their collection of scripts from around the world. The scripts in this collection are then made accessible for research purposes to students, filmmakers, writers and actors.

It is a huge honor to have a screenplay housed in the permanent Academy Core Collection and an even bigger compliment that the makers of Khatta Meetha were contacted by the chief Librarian of the Library himself, asking for the copy of the script.

It was the storyline of Khatta Meetha highlighting the corruption and bribery inherent in the municipal constructions in India, told through Sachin Tichkule’s (played by Akshay Kumar) life, that really grabbed the attention of the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and especially the political satire surrounding the common man caught up in the uncommon situation.

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