“Kidnap has a proper story with lots of drama, action and thrill.” -Sanjay Gadhvi

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We recently gave you a sneak peak into Kidnap starring Sanjay Dutt, Minnisha Lamba and the new hot actor Imran Khan. The film is set to release on October 2nd and from the promos looks to be an amazing action thriller. Director Sanjay Gadhvi of super hit Dhoom fame recently talked about all things Kidnap.

Gadhvi revealed a bit about the story saying, “It’s an action drama which deals with a father-daughter’s emotional bonding. Imran Khan plays a totally opposite role to the one he played in Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane Na. He kidnaps Sanjay Dutt’s daughter played by Minishaa Lamba. And Dutt, who is a millionaire from New York, comes to India to rescue his daughter.”

To play the millionaire the director had only one name in mind Sanjay Dutt, “ When I read Shibani Bhatija’s script, I knew that it had to be Sanjay Dutt for the role. I grew up on Amitabh Bachchan’s films and also on Sanjay Dutt’s. I was a typical south Mumbai guy but loved Sanju!” Adding that working with him was a dream not only because he is such a big fan but also, “Apart from having a big heart, he is, perhaps, the only actor who does not want to see how he looks on the monitor after the shot is taken. Most actors want to see themselves but Sanju would tell me, ‘If it is okay with the director, I am happy!’”

He explained why for Dutt’s opponent he chose Imran, “The script demanded it. It’s about a father and daughter relationship, so we needed someone who is 40+. Dutt was the best choice and for the young kidnapper we wanted a fresh face. After a lot of discussions with the script writer we decided to take Imran Khan.”

Gadhvi said that it took only one look at Imran’s profile to know he had found his Kabir, “I wanted a boyish actor when I cast Imran. There was something about Imran. I like my villains to look interesting like Shah Rukh Khan was in Baazigar. Girls like bad guys, so I wouldn’t want a guy who looks like a rakshas to be my villain.

Gadhvi revealed that Imran’s character is called Kabir and that he chose that for a specific reason, “Frankly speaking, the name has been very lucky for me. In Dhoom, John’s name was also Kabir and he did a brilliant job.”

Imran’s character Kabir is completely opposite of Jai from JTYJN and Gadhvi feels that people are going to love him in this new avatar, “People will be happy to see Imran doing something different from Jaane Tu…, Aamir’s second film after QSQT, Raakh was also an action film which didn’t do well. It’s a mere coincidence. I’m sure this film will be hit at the box-office.”

One of his favorite scenes in the film is between Sanju and Imran, “There is a one chasing scene between Sanjay and Imran at a construction site which I personally think is the best scene in the film.”

Though the film is full of action it also has an emotional side as well. Describing the film Gadhvi said, “Kidnap has a proper story with lots of drama, action and thrill.” Clarifying that he added, “This is not a hard core action movie. There is drama also but yes there is action too. Imran has done a commendable job and so have the action directors Allan Amin.”

Gadhvi who directed both Dhoom 1 and 2 left the Yash Raj Banner amicably and now has his hopes set on Kidnap, “Kidnap is the most crucial film of my career. At Yash Raj, there is that comfort level, now I have to make my mark.”

We will be sure to report all the Kidnap news so check back here often!

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