Kim Sharma in South Africa

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Kim Sharma has been busy over Diwali in South Africa with Celina Jaitley amongst others – the celebration there being attended by ANC President Jacob Zuma. Kim recently admitted doing an item number in Desh Drohi strictly for the cash. “I know Desh Drohi is a bad film and I was a little reluctant to do an item number in that film,” she explains, “But I agreed to do it because they were giving me a lot of money. So I really don’t want this thing to be highlighted and want it to just pass away.” Fair enough, we won’t mention it again.

Kim is probably best remembered for Mohabbatein but also appeared in the dreadful Ladies Tailor. Just recently, she’s been waxing lyrical on the subject of aphrodisiacs, an area that she is clearly a specialist in. “The concept of aphrodisiacs isn’t new. Some of the most common foods with aphrodisiacal characteristics are chocolate, ginger, cherries and figs. Sometimes it’s the scent of the food that does the trick for you. Sometimes, a sexy dress, a great perfume, romantic music, scented candles, dessert wine followed by a beautifully presented dessert. And yes, drop the knife and fork at this stage and lick those luscious fingers… it’s ahem!”

Kim was recently asked about her marriage plans: “Well, every girl has the desire to get married and I am no exception,” she says, “But I am not ready for it at the moment or for that matter in the near future. I will settle down when I am ready and let the world know about it. I will tell the name of my man when I am ready for marriage. No one knows the future. And so, I don’t know who, what, when and where of my marriage.”

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