Kim’s bad decisions

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Kim Sharma is one honest gal. She began with a bang in 2000 with her only hit Mohabbatein, and since then her career graph has taken a nose dive. She has, however, remained in the news for her controversial breakup with cricketer Yuvraaj Singh. It seemed like her innings with Singh and her career had come to an end, but she is more optimistic. When asked about her relationship bringing her career down, she is quick to respond in an interview to Hindustan Times that she would “rather remain silent.” Her recent movies include the disastrous Money Hai Toh Honey Hai and a special appearance in Sajid Khan’s Heyy Babyy.

Ask the reason for her failures and she will tell you that she has obviously made some bad career moves and decisions. However, she refuses to cry over spilt milk as she cannot sit and try to understand why her movies are flopping all around her. Instead, this sexy gal is confident about her future. She is eagerly looking towards horizons and ensuring she doesn’t make the same mistakes again.

That’s the way to go girl – look up and ahead. Bright things will come your way!

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