King Khan inspires Hrithik

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We’ve often heard of stars taking fitness tips from Hrithik Roshan but here’s something surprising! Recently, India’s first super hero was left so impressed with Shahrukh Khan’s fit body that he immediately hired the latter’s personal trainer, Prashant Sawant.

Just prior to SRK’s London trip, the two met up at Mannat and that’s when Hrithik took down Prashant’s number and instantly requested him to train him too.

Prashant Sawant said that Hrithik was highly amazed with the power equipment used and was great fun to train, being the hard working actor that he is.

It is also reported that Suzanne Roshan was extremely pleased with Prashant’s results on her hubby and as a token of her appreciation, she sent him a “thank you cheque” after she met him. Hrithik was trained regularly for a week before leaving for his vacation with Suzanne.

Makes us wonder though…how much more fit can Hrithik ‘Greek God’ Roshan get? Suzanne sure is one lucky lady!

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