Kiran Follows Aamir

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When you have one of the most sought after men in India as your husband, you are bound to feel slightly insecure when he is out and about acting with beautiful women. Such is the case with Kiran Rao, wife of superstar Aamir Khan. Thus, when the actor’s wife learnt that her husband would be indulging in a “sizzling” dance number with the ultra hot Kareena Kapoor, she couldn’t help but fly right back home to stand by her husband. Of course, she put it down as “inquisitiveness”–she claims she was simply “keen to attend the shoot, as she wanted to observe Aamir’s romantic avatar.”

Insiders claim otherwise. “Kiran will be flying down from France to Mumbai late night on September 20, just in time to attend the song’s shoot. The song, which will be shot from September 21, will be shot over five days. Kiran is keen to watch the shooting of the romantic song because she closely wants to observe Aamir, who is one of the biggest romantic stars in Bollywood, in action with Kareena, who is one of the most beautiful girls in the industry today,” claimed one source to a local daily.

Director to 3 Idiots, Raju Hirani added that while there was a scheduled steamy number to be shot between Khan and Kapoor, he wasn’t sure if Kiran would be on the sets.

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