Kismat Konnection

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Kismat Konnection is one film that many have been looking forward to since its making. With Shahid Kapur and Vidya Balan, this romantic comedy made waves even before releasing. Reason? The supposed Shahid-Vidya off-screen romance as well as Aziz Mirza’s return sans Shahrukh Khan. Not to forget, it’s Shahid’s first film post the super hit Jab We Met. With so much going for the film, the songs number one on charts, controversy surrounding it, beautiful locales, and positive vibes, did the Kismat of this film connect with our hearts?

The film starts off by introducing the main character. Raj Malhotra (Shahid Kapur)is an unlucky man who goes through some hilarious situations. The way Shahid portrays these deserves a round of applause! It’s a character that goes through so many low’s that you can almost relate to him. In fact, you can relate to all the characters in the film whether it’s Vidya’s, Vishal’s or the rest.

As mentioned, Raj Malhotra is the uncrowned king of unluckiness. Whatever he does or tries to do rather, goes berserk and sour. Above all, after being a the most promising student in college, he hasn’t been able to get any job and is broke. Upset with his fate, Shahid wanders into a fortune teller’s place, Haseena Bano Jaan (Juhi Chawla). Haseena Bano Jaan tells him to find his one lucky charm that will set things straight once and for, but she doesn’t tell him what that lucky charm is. If Raj wants his kismat to connect, he has to find the lucky charm and never let go of it.

Suddenly though, after these mystical chance encounters with Priya (Vidya Balan) Shahid’s life seems to have suddenly changed, as if the lucky charm is already with him. His career takes a huge turn, and Raj is flying high!

Meanwhile, Priya (Vidya Balan) works in a community center and is an independent, fun-loving girl. She sees things simply and is the sweetest thing you’ll find. But after some mean encounters with feisty Raj she decides to get some payback. So while Priya tries to ruin Raj, his kismat becomes good and things work out perfectly for him. Is she his lucky charm?

Coincidence strikes as Raj promises to help Priya save the community center she works for from being torn down to build a mall. As luck would have it, this mall is the one Raj has been hired to build! He is entangled in a web of emotions which creates a story that is a spicy mixture of love, romance, and comedy.

Aziz Mirza has always had a soft spot for the common man which is why his characters are modelled around this which makes them extremely believable. The performance he’s been able to pull out of Shahid Kapur is even, in my opinion, better than his work in Jab We Met. Vidya Balan is anyway a lovely actress but in this film she seemed to go that extra mile and Mirza really has helped her brush up on those tiny loose ends that are required in a quirky love story. Vishal Malhotra as Hiten Patel, Raj’s best friend and partner-in-crime acts extremely well. He is funny and fits the character’s shoes very well. Every time Juhi Chawla comes onto the screen as Hasina Bano Jan, you can’t stop smiling! She is awesome, if I may say so, as the quirky, cute and funny fortune teller. The performances in the film prove that after directing films like Chalte Chalte and Yes Boss, Aziz Mirza hasn’t lost his magic touch!

The first half of Kismat Konnection is a joyride throughout. It has funny, light-hearted and cute moments all at once and you really find yourself enjoying everything with the characters. The second half is a bit lengthy but is just as much fun. You’re rooting for Raj till the end and he makes you feel nervous for him, laugh with him and feel sorry for him throughout.

The music of this Aziz Mirza film has been done by Pritam who creates a naturally pleasing soundtrack. It has fast paced, party/disco numbers like ‘Move Your Body Now’ and ‘Aai Pappi’ which both have great choreography. Then there are the sweet, romantic songs like ‘Kahin Na Laage’ and ‘Bakhuda Tumhi Ho’ which are melodious and easy on the ears. The music is just as good as the film!

The locales of this film are real and true to the script. Canada is captured beautifully and makes the film look very fresh. Ahmed Khan’s choreography is also first-rate, though it’s hard to go wrong with Shahid! The trend Shahid has set with those boyishly-smart clothes is going to be a big hit! Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about Vidya. True, she is an awesome actor and I really hoped that would overshadow her horrible wardrobe. But it’s hard you know to not look at her and feel sorry for the way she’s being dressed up. She really is trying hard and we must respect that. But hope it’s soon that we see a fitter, better dressed Vidya. One wishes she could have looked as stunning as she did in the last scene for the entire film!

Overall, Kismat Konnection is a must see film with your family and friends. It is a sure winner at the box office and will leave you with a big smile on your face. This fresh new romantic comedy exudes a sunshine from it that is unforgettable. In a nutshell, it’s definitely a great film with the lack of any major flaw! Go for it!

Our Rating

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