“Kites is about Romance” – Anurag Basu

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Anurag Basu’s film Kites is currently in production and begins the final shooting schedule in Mumbai on the 20th of December. The film starring Hrithik Roshan, Kangana Ranaut and Barbara Mori is about love crossing not only cultural barriers but also language barriers. In the film Barabar Mori’s character only speaks Spanish and Hrithik only speaks in Hindi and yet they still fall in love. There is also a love triangle involving Kangana’s character and a thriller twist as well! But we will have to wait until next year to see how it all comes together. In an interview with Subhash K Jha director Basu talked about working with Hrithik and Barbara among other Kites things.

About working with Hrithik the director said, “Hrithik and I really enjoyed working together. I always respected him as an actor but now I respect him as a human being too. Hrithik and I made the film honestly, just like we wanted to.”

Hrithik’s knee injury, though a worry never was a problem even during the difficult stunts, Basu said, “Before every shot I would be worried about Hrithik’s knee. If anything happened to him, then our entire outdoor shooting schedule would’ve gone for a toss. But Hrithik asked me not to compromise the shots under any circumstance. I’m awed by the way he managed, without ever letting the shoot halt. He even did the few action scenes we have in the film himself.”

Barbara Mori, the beautiful Spanish actress will be making her debut in Bollywood and Basu said he knew he had the right actress as he narrated the film to her. “The day I narrated Kites to her I knew I had chosen the right actress. I’ve this bad habit of narrating very fast. Barbara is a Mexican actress, so she knows no Hindi and little English. But the way she understood my story, hats off to her. Her expressions changed while I was narrating the story. I’ve never seen any actor respond this way. Even though she comes from a different culture, the emotions of love and relationships are the same. Her approach was definitely different, but yes, the result delivered by both, Barbara and Kangana (Ranaut) is the same – brilliant.”

In its last shooting schedule Kites will be complete in January of next year and Basu says he is nervous, “ And I must say I’m scared by the expectations… I hope the film delivers.”

Adding that the story of Kites at its core is a romance, “Kites is an intensely romantic film. There’s a lot being written about the steamy scenes. But Kites is not about sex. It’s about romance.”

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