Koena knows what she wants in a man!

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Psychology graduate Koena Mitra has very clear ideas about the qualities she’s looking for in a man: “Honesty, sensitivity, loyalty, a sense of humour and dignity,” she says, “And he must be someone who knows how to live life in style!” She also knows what she would do if he cheated on her: “I would ask the chick to keep him,” she explains, “That would be a good punishment for her. And of course I would dump him.”

Kolkata-born Koena was with the Mamata Shankar ballet for 12 years and this has helped her to make a big impression in her item numbers for Bollywood. She has been busy recently appearing in Cash, Heyy Baby and Anamika.

Koena has been busy just recently undergoing surgery to correct the after-effects of a nose job that went wrong. Bravely, she has admitted the disaster and is using it as an opportunity to warn others. “It’s a mistake on my part and those who plan to undergo such surgeries should stay away from it,” she advises.

Koena is also known as a healthy-food fanatic but surprisingly says she has cut out rice from her diet, despite the fact that rice is a fast-burning carbohydrate, encourages healthy bowel movements, provides sugar stability and contains vitamin B. Nevertheless, Koena has dumped it so to speak: “I have cut out rice completely from my everyday diet,” she says, “I swear by porridge, as it is extremely easy to burn off. If I am hungry in the middle of the day, I just munch on some puffed rice.”

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