Koena Mitra’s surgery woes

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When this Bengali beauty entered the industry, viewers gawked at Koena Mitra for her sexy curves. However, the pretty girl did falter to some unnecessary plastic surgery. Grapevines spoke of boob-jobs, nose-jobs and even a face lift. After much speculation, the 29-year old actress has come clean on her ordeal under the knife. Koena had visited a doctor in order to rectify her nose after she had been told it would give her a “sharper look.” However, the situation went from bad to worse. The after effects of the nose job flamed up her cheekbones making her face look chubby making her unable to smile.

She decided to take a second opinion and the next doctor advised her to shoot some injections in her face to help decrease the inflammation. After a series of injections, Koena’s face has come back to normality. She finally can come back out in the open and dace the world from which she had been hiding. Unfortunately, the actress lost out on two movies while is was recovering from the traumatic experience. Koena also admitted that she had faced some flak from her parents. However, the worst is over and behind her.

We wish this girl all the best for the future and hope she never has to face such a disastrous nightmare again.

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