Koffee with Karan Season 4: With Akshay Kumar

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14jan_KWK4-AkshayKumarCall him Boss, call him Rowdy Rathore or even Joker but for most of us, he still remains the only Khiladi the industry has and probably will ever have. Koffee with Karan Season 4 added yet another new A-lister who has never been on the show before and made the season even more memorable. Akshay Kumar finally made it to this couch for a coffee with one of the biggest directors of the industry who hasn’t signed him yet (He made sure he points that out!)

About not being on the show before, he says that he doesn’t want to create any controversy by saying something about someone. Simple and straight. When it comes to Akshay’s style, we all know it is unique. The man is self-made and has no qualms showing it outright. He pointed out the fact that he has done most of his films with newcomers and as a matter of fact none of his films have been under a big banner. “I like scripts like Special 26 and OMG. They make me bring out the best I have. They make me act. But for some reason I have always got a lot of commercial film offers,” he stated. That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Speaking about his wife Twinkle Khanna(Tina), KJo pointed out that they are poles apart. So how is the relationship? Akki feels that being different people is the best part about the relationship. “We discover something new about each other with every passing day. She is blunt and speaks her mind while I try not to spoil things with anyone by being too outright. Once I took her to one of my film trials and the producer asked her how she found the film. She told him on his face that it is a shit film, and that producer has never signed me again!” About Twinkle being the daughter of Bollywood’s royal parents, he says that she is again blunt enough to say something like “My dad has won a National award. What have you done?” To which Akshay says, ”I have won rewards.” He is also known to be a morning person, his actresses too complain about the fact that he wants to start his day at 5am and wind up by 6pm. “Mornings are to wake up ya! I finish most of my work in the morning and then I have so much time in the evening to spend with my family. Log jo raat ko jaagte hain woh ullu hote hain!”

While his chat session was a little dull and quite like a routine one, his rapid fire was a little more entertaining. He says women find him sexy because he can unbutton himself in public. He titles Big B as Boss, Anil Kapoor as International Khiladi and John and Ranbir as Garam Masala. One thing that he has which the Khans don’t have according to him is height and he will find a yoga mat in Bebo’s bedroom. The stupidest rumour he has heard about himself is that he is gay! He also believes Sajid Khan needs a gym membership, a therapist and a stylist. The most interesting one was what would he say if he was stuck in an elevator with SRK and Salman, to which he said,” I would say aaj Eid hai bhai aaj Eid hai!”

The twist to this episode was the rapid fire that Akki played with KJo, asking him questions. “Ab tujhe samjhega what we go through!” said the actor to which Karan Johar panicked! And  what we got from this one was that KJo would rather have Akki as an enemy than SRK or the Chopras, he would rather be married to Twinkle Khanna, he would choose SRK’s camp over Salman’s and if he had one last movie to make, he would cast Aamir Khan and Deepika Padukone. Interesting much?

It was definitely new to see Akki go out there and come on the show, but as far as energy was concerned, the episode wasn’t as entertaining. We have seen better even if it is just one celebrity on the couch, haven’t we?

5 best quotes:

“There is no filter in Twinkle’s mind. She says anything outright.”

“A lot of times, people come to me with commercial films that don’t require me to act.”

“I have saved myself from a lot of problems by just being silent.”

“I don’t believe in competition. There is so much work for everyone here, what are we competing about?”

“You don’t need to go to temples to ask for something. All you need to do is ask your mother for it and have her hand on your head.”

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