Koffee With Karan 2 – A blast or a thing of the past?

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So it’s back. And how? Or should I say now, since I personally feel that the opening show was lacklustre and therefore doesn’t deserve the recognition it got, BUT the how is in reference to the shows that followed.

I wasn’t particularly fond of the first season (barring the two episodes – Rahul Bose with Konkona Sen and Rishi with Neetu) because even though so much was said in jest and humour, it failed to deliver. I found most of the stars that walked on to the sets to be utterly pretentious (the Bachchan’s in particular – the more I see of them, the more I realise how utterly ridiculous they are). And Karan’s general syrup-like conversations with some of his guests made me want to throw up. The links were a disaster and so were the openings, full of heinously nice things and overtly positive remarks. Now I understand that is the format of chat shows (you can hardly afford to offend the guests) but seriously drop the sugar act. It’s boring and teeth decaying.

But the second season has been better (barring the first two episodes). Mallika Sherawat and Sanjay Leela Bhansali made a formidable pair on screen – a Sufi and a siren. Their comments and conversations gave a lot of food for thought. But that was once again because of the guests and not because of Karan. Kareena didn’t fail to disappoint either and neither did Shahid. And I am very fond of the episode with Saif and Soha – a fantastic pair.

So Koffee With Karan season 2 is considerably better than season 1 but that has a lot to do with the pairings but whether this will remain has yet to be seen since the season hasn’t concluded yet. I do, however, want to watch the episode with Richard Gere. As well, Karan needs to remain more the actual Karan rather than the over-compensating Karan.

I also think he needs to change his choice of pairings. Drop the SRK-Kajol pairing. I didn’t like them on-screen and I don’t like them off-screen. Give me something different. I am bored with this camp and brand loyalty.

However this is just one aspect of the show. I think the studio looks a lot better than last seasons’. The last season set was very bare and mundane. The atmosphere and decor looks fabulous and that has a lot to do with Karan. So kudos to him.

The editing still needs work and the opening music…PLEASE! Have mercy! It’s rubbish. It’s painful. It is suicidal. Do something about it. Could you not find Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy on your speed dial or something?! They churn out happy, peppy, conventional music that no one wants drink vials of poison over.

Be sleek. Be sexy. Be sensational. Don’t be stupid (with any of the above mentioned).

The title sequence could also do with better direction and filming. I don’t want generic photos of the stars. I don’t want to see them, period. They will be on the show. That’s enough. The title sequence should be shorter than it currently is but Karan appearing works for me. I like that. And I prefer it to last year’s by a mile. I also prefer the tagline. Last year’s was also cringeworthy. It was like revisiting K3G (terrible film) or worse: watching an episode of Simi Garewal.

So there you have it: the show is better but still not up to the mark, but it is getting there and this year it (at least so far) has been a bigger blast and lets hope it goes on to explode!

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