Koffee With Karan gets Deepika and Sonam in trouble!

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Koffee with Karan is back on our screens and already two of Bollywood’s leading ladies are in trouble with the comments they made on last Sundays episode.

Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor appeared on the talk show and the two actresses left no stone unturned, with the conversation always ending up on Ranbir Kapoor. Deepika, who dated Ranbir in the past, mentioned that the actor had cheated on her, he was a bad boyfriend, she would gift him a packet of condoms, and if she woke up as him she would go back to sleep. Sonam Kapoor also had her views on Ranbir, saying that she saw it all when they were shooting for Saawariya and does not fancy him, she also mentioned Ranbir needed a stylist and praised Deepika for being able to hold onto Ranbir for so long. Both actresses ranked Ranbir last for sex appeal when asked by host Karan Johar.

The episode has not gone down well with Ranbir Kapoor’s parents, Rishi and Neetu, who are said to be furious over the comments made about their son. They are also said to be annoyed at Karan Johar for promoting the actresses to make the comments. Talking about Karan Johar, Rishi told the media, “We’ve done so much for Karan… We have gone twice on his show. We even gave bytes for the show featuring Imran and Ranbir out of pure love for Karan. In return, what does he do? Provoke guests on his show to get better TRPs? There’s no respect for relationships.” Rishi Kapoor also went on to say that Sonam and Deepika need to “grow up and behave maturely” and concentrate on their acting career rather than gossiping.

Its not just Ranbir that was talked about, Sonam talked about plastic surgery in Bollywood, hinting that perhaps Shobhaa De has had some. Sonam and Deepika also admitted that they find married men attractive, Deepika saying she has a crush on Arjun Rampal and Sonam on Farhan Akhtar. Deepika also asked to see Katrina Kaif’s passport, which Deepika now laughs about saying she said it during the rapid fire round; “everyone knows how the round is — you have to be funny and witty.”

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