“Krantiveer is today’s youth’s film with thoughts for the nations and future” – Mehul Kumar

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Who doesn’t know Mehul Kumar? The filmmaker is known for making patriotic, path-breaking films which not only fetch him awards and accolades, but manage to linger in the minds of audiences for years. He is that impactful as a director. In 1994, the director made one of the most powerful movies in his career and in Hindi cinema: Krantiveer. Not only is the film regarded as a masterpiece but the stars of the film still sing praises for the content and director. Over a decade later, Kumar is back with the sequel to his first installment. Claiming that Krantiveer: The Revolution is meant for the youth and will bring about change, Mehul Kumar has taken on a brand new cast which includes his daughter making her debut in the film. BollySpice chats with the director about change in the new decade and why Krantiveer: The Revolution is important.

It’s been over a decade since you made Krantiveer. What prompted you to make a sequel so many years later?

Before this decade our audiences didn’t accept sequels, but nowadays there are so many sequels of current films which are accepted by the audiences.

What is the premise of the film?

This is youth film with young star cast and story line.

How did you choose the cast of the crew and why did you choose a relatively new and young star cast?

Because this is subject of youth can make “Kranti,” a revolution. If they unite and decide, they can do anything and stand for country. Nowadays due to latest new technology, everything has changed. The style of [film] making has also changed. People want good, slick and meaningful films of today time.

You talk of a “revolution” in the film. What kind of revolution is this and why do you think this is necessary now?

Today the youth of the country don’t take interest in politics. If they are more involved in politics, they can change the face of country and they can free India from violence, corruption and terrorism.

We always see an element of patriotism in your film along with a politically charged message. This time around, what is that message?

Our country can do this with the help of the media and youth.

Why have you chosen to target the youth as your intended audience for Krantiveer 2?

Because the youth is the future of our country. If they accept the challenge they can do anything for the country.

The first film was a blockbuster hit commercially and critically. Comparisons of the sequel to the first installment is inevitable. What is different this time around? And why shouldn’t audiences compare the two?

That Krantiveer was a film that dealt with those times problem and issues. This Krantiveer is today’s film with present problem and issues. This is youth’s Krantiveer and that was nature people’s Krantiveer.

How was it working with the young star cast including your daughter who is making her debut in the film?
Working with the young star cast is challenging because they are new but they are very change oriented. They want to do better and better in every take. Jahan knows the camera because she has worked as a child artist in three or four of my films. She has done a very good job.

You choose to independently produce your films. What is the reason for this?

This film is not produced by me, it’s produced by White Entertainment. This is new company and wants to produce two to three films every year with a good subject and meaningful films.

Tell us about the music of the film. How does it fit into the plot of the film?

In every film of mine, two or three songs became a hit. In this film also two songs will be liked by everybody. One is a romantic song, ‘Khuda Mere Khuda’ and second is birthday song, ‘Chote Tera Birthday Aaya’. One song that is also very good is an item song, ‘Firangee Pani Chad Gaya’.

What can audiences expect to take away from the film?
They must think that youth must take interest in politics and they can do wonders for nation.

You are one of the most renowned parallel directors. Will we be seeing more from you in the near future?

Yes, I have already two scripts ready. One film is again a youthful film titled, Hateley and another is Mr. Cool.

What expectations do you have of the film and why should audiences watch Krantiveer 2?

I hope those who watched my old Krantiveer will watch this film because that film has a hangover. The youth must watch it because they will see new faces on screen with good content and storyline. This is today’s youth’s film with thoughts for the nations and future.

Hopefully the director will be back with more post Krantiveer 2. In the meantime be sure to catch the film when it comes to a theatre near you. Krantiveer: The Revolution is hitting cinema’s June 25th. You can be sure it is going to change your perception of the youth and Indian politics. Be ready to be a part of the awakening!

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