Krrish 3 goes to the floor

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Yes, fans the headline is true, you can finally start your countdown to Krrish 3 clocks because the film begins its first shooting schedule today! Just in case you were saying to yourself shouldn’t that be Krrish 2? No, it is Krrish 3, Rakesh Roshan explained, “It’s a trilogy. Koi…Mil Gaya was the first, Krrish was the second, so the third in the trilogy will be Krrish 3. I know I will have to explain this to a lot of people because they will wonder what happened to Krrish 2.”

Hrithik Roshan will, of course, be reprising his role as Krrish and Priyanka Chopra returns as well, but this time they have a new nemesis in the form of Vivek Oberoi! Vivek is excited to be taking on the bad boy role, who we hear is a gambler. About the “crazy, colorful, comic book type villain” he said, “Krrish is going to be an amazing experience. The character I am playing is supremely exciting.” About starring opposite Hrithik, Vivek said, “Hrithik has been a good friend over the years and it is fabulous to be finally working with him. Somehow we never got an opportunity to be working together but now after almost a decade this is finally happening.”

With the shoot finally starting, how is he feeling? He tweeted, “On my way to the first day of shoot for krrish! Super excited & super nervous!!! Wish me luck :)”

Also joining the cast is Kangana Ranaut who has been in some serious training for her role. “Rakeshji has hired a trainer for me, who teaches me martial arts, kickboxing and lot of other forms of fighting. My character has supernatural powers so I have to lose a lot of weight to fit into a superwoman costume. I have to do a lot of stunts and action sequences. I am working very hard. They want me to look a bit muscular. Someone who is fighting and doing action with three men should look convincing and not like a delicate darling.”

We also have a sneak peek into part of the story; Arif Zakaria will be doing a cameo in the film. He talked about his character, “My character possesses a potent chemical, which accidentally falls into the wrong hands. These bad guys then set out to fulfil their objectives with it. It is a very interesting cameo. I’m really looking forward to doing the film.”

Talking about Hrithik’s role in the film, the director said, “In Krrish 3, Hrithik will play Rohit (the father) and Krishna (the son) who has the split personalities of Krishna and Krrish. It is not a triple role; it’s a double role. Krishna is the normal guy who goes to work like any regular young man and he becomes Krrish to save people… yes, like Superman. It’s a very difficult proposition since Krrish 3 has a lot of father and son scenes.”

Unfortunately we have quite a long time to wait until we will get to see them in all their big screen glory because Krrish 3 is not releasing until Diwali 2013!

So what does Hrithik have to say? All he will reveal is “with Krrish 3, we have a lot surprises in store for audiences, so watch this space for more!” We will Hrithik we will!

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