Kukunoor Chooses Takia over Shetty!

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It is true. Relationships will always prevail over anything in life; even in Bollywood. And this is the exact reason why Nagesh Kukunoor decided to recast his upcoming untitled film, with rakhi sister Ayesha Takia. Initially it was Shilpa Shetty who was chosen to play the lead female role. In fact she was so psyched about her role that she even decided to produce the film. However, as producer and actress were discussing the film, they realized they had a difference of “creative” ideas and thus now, will not be making the film with one another.

According to sources, Shilpa wanted a more prominent actor to work opposite her in the film while Nagesh was keen on signing an actor who was new or lesser known. In addition, the fact that Shilpa kept calling herself the solo producer of the film was upsetting the director since they both had decided to co-produce the film. Eager to get on with the film, Nagesh headed straight for his favorite, Ayesha Takia who had been taking a break from her career after her marriage.

In recent past, Kukunoor has found himself in quite a lull with three back-to-back films, Bombay to Bangkok, 8×10 Tasveer and Aashayein all failing critically and at the box office. He is banking on this film to help revive his directorial career especially since he happens to be the man behind films like Iqbal and Dor.

Shilpa Shetty’s camp insists that they pulled out from the film since it wasn’t “commercially viable”.

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