Kunal and Soha – It’s Official…

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It’s official – after all the rumors and gossip surrounding their relationship Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu have confirmed that they are Bollywood’s (almost) newest couple.

After the pair was spotted in attendance at Delhi Fashion Week it seems both Khan and Khemu decided there was no point in not confirming the speculation. When asked ‘why now?’ Khemu explained that they were not hiding their relationship earlier on either. “It just didn’t make sense to talk about it until we were sure of our feelings. When people were speculating about our relationship we were just hanging out together. We did two films together but we weren’t in a relationship then.”

Elaborating further Khemu went on, “Now we’re sure of one another. We’re both private persons. Relationships are complicated. They need space to grow. In any case, I am not the kind to wear my heart on my sleeve.”

It seems that both Soha and Kunal are quite serious about their relationship as well with Kunal having met the Khan Khaandhaan twice already. “I was in Delhi, so I met them. I’m a big fan of both Sharmila Tagoreji and Pataudi Saab. They represent the pinnacle of the two religions of our country: cinema and cricket.” Not to be left out, Soha has also met Kunal’s parents. “She comes home for dinner sometimes. I told them about Soha. And they left it at that.”

Though both Kunal and Soha have met the parents, marriage is not quite on the cards for the couple yet. “Now I am sure of my feelings for her and I won’t lie to myself or to others about it. I always respected her as an actor and she does the same. We have a lot to talk about. We like spending time together. We’re serious about each other.”

“I am not saying no to marriage. But I don’t know about the future. I don’t plan beyond the next two days. I didn’t plan my career. At the moment, I’ve signed no new films.

It’s very important for an actor to be associated with films that will get completed and released. Recently, recession had put a lot of actors out of work. It’s better to be honest about our work.

Both Soha and I need to focus on our careers. I got to do Zakhm when I was a child. I don’t know if I’d ever get a role like that again.”

Khan corroborated her relationship with Khemu, saying “I am seeing a wonderful actor called Kunal Khemu. And he is lovely. It’s not a secret, but it’s not something that I am going around announcing either. You know, we both are young and both are in films, both are exploring films, and we enjoy spending time together. I feel life is incomplete without having someone to share it with. Your happiness is doubled and your sadness, halved, when you share it with someone. It really helps in both situations – happy and sad.”

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