Kunal Kapoor’s Idea of a Perfect Girl

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Kunal Kapoor, one of Bollywood’s up and coming stars recently revealed what he thinks makes up the perfect girl for him. We thought we would share some of the hot stars answers.

Kunal said that above all that his girl should be real: “Real to me. I like her because when she smiles at me, she really means it? That’s a beautiful line from a movie. I feel so because I would want someone who is real. There is already enough drama in life and being real is a must.”

For him it does not matter whether she in in films or has another path, “A real person can be from anywhere? From the industry or not doesn’t matter.” Adding that he would like a working woman, “Because in today’s times, when there are so many opportunities for women; it would be sad to see someone not exploring the possibilities and not being a part of the exposure.”

He was asked if she should be sweet or hot and he replied, “Actually, a combination of the two. I know it’s very rare and would consider myself very lucky if I find her.” A simple yet modern girl is also the one for him: “I think both the things should come together? A simple girl with a modern approach and vice versa.”

He jokingly responded to the question inner or outer beauty? “Outer beauty, actually. I wouldn’t care about beautiful looking lungs and liver!”

Kunal is a modern man and said he would definitely cook for his love, “Well, I would love to. But she has to like whatever I cook. That’s the point!”

Finally he revealed what the perfect gift his girl could give him would be, “ A Ferrari would be great!”

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