Lady Gaga and Shah Rukh Khan in Conversation

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Shah Rukh Khan wants Lady Gaga to come to India to be in his next film. The topic came up when the superstar actor recently interviewed the recording superstar for the television channel UTV Bindass in a special show called Lady Gaga In Conversation With Shah Rukh Khan. The pair had an incredibly fun, cool and at many times moving conversation not only about that part in the film, but also about stardom, her music, his career and much more! Here are some highlights from the show.

Through out different points during the conversation SRK taught Lady Gaga some Hindi and as well as teaching her how to say little monsters: chote shaitan (which is what she calls her fans), Shah Rukh Khan also taught her how to say the word he thinks describes the singer, “There is a word bindass. Do you know what it means in Hindi?” “It means carefree,” answered Gaga. With SRK answering back, “Yes…just like you, Lady Gaga! Yes, free spirited.”

One of the coolest exchanges was when she asked him how he dealt with it all, being the biggest star in India, He replied, “I have been doing this for twenty years and five years into my work, I was very silly, very self-centered and I thought I will rule this world. When I actually came out into the world and I felt so much love from them and I started feeling I don’t deserve this until I do a lot more. Now I want to thank every one of them. I am not a good actor. I am not very good looking.” She interrupted with, “How do you say Liar in Hindi?” “Jhootha”, he replied. “Jhootha,” she said back to him and laughed!

They both talked about the need to have the quite moments to reflect and to have their family there to ground them and give them love.

At one point, he asked, “Would you like to act in a Hindi movie with me?” She answered, “I would love too.” “Okay done,” SRK said to the cheers of the audience.

He then joked, “No one knows this but the G in G.One stands for Gaga.”

So what would Lady Gaga do if she were not singing, performing and recording? “I would always keep singing, that is my true calling.”

She then turned the tables on him and asked him the same question, “I will never stop acting. I would act in my bathroom! I would act in my shower. I do act in my shower.”

They also had a full on Bollywood moment. Gaga asked SRK to teach her how to say I love you. In the ever fabulous SRK style he went down on a knee and sang, Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jana Sanam, pyaar hota hai deevana sanam, ab yaha se kaha jaye ham, teree baho me mar jane ham Translating that it meant I would die in your arms. Totally melted Lady Gage’s heart, the audience and the rest of the world once again!

There was much more so if you can catch it do check it out!

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