Lara and Dino taking the 5th

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Whether the lovebirds choose to admit it or not, sources close to the couple say that Dino Morea and Lara Dutta are very much in love. However, the duo has decided that they would rather focus on the media paying attention to their careers rather than their relationship and has chosen to take the 5th amendment (refusal to answer a question).

Rumors were also afloat that the couple had moved in together which the same source quickly denied. Apparently, while they do spend a lot of time together, they do not live together. While Lara stays at her apartment, Dino lives in bungalow in the nearby vicinity. The couple both have a history of heartbreaks in their personal life and are not interested in history repeating itself; thus the low profile.

For the record, Dino Morea and Lara’s ex-beau Kelly Dorji were best friends. After Lara and Kelly’s breakup, she turned to Dino as a shoulder to cry on. The shoulder proved to do wonders, and ever since the love story began. They have since been seen out and about on the social circuit and even traveling the world together.

We do hope the couple decide to accept (or finally deny) their relationship. All this speculation is getting rather boring!

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