Lara Dutta and Dino Morea just friends?

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We know how celebrities like to deny their romantic linkups and Dino Morea has taken the same route. In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, he denied that him and ex Miss Universe Lara Dutta are in a romantic relationship. In his words, “As for being seen with Lara, she’s great company. I enjoy being with her. We do go out together.” He went on to additionally claim that he is often linked up with actresses or even friends with whom he has a casual harmless lunch date with! He also claimed he was not a womanizer and that his image had been misconstrued.

He also agreed that as a couple, Lara and him made a hot couple but it was up to the producers to cast them together. And if you needed a reason to not believe his so-called claim, he also went ahead to say that his top choice for his home production was none other than Lara herself. Oh c’mon now Dino! Quit denying and start accepting. You clearly are a terrible liar and we can see the love oozing out of your friendship.

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