Late Release for Delhi Belly

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Aamir Khan’s home production, the Imran Khan starrer Delhi Belly, won’t be released before October this year.

Increasing tension between producer Aamir Khan and director Abhinav Deol is reportedly the reason for the delay. Sources say that Aamir Khan, long known within the industry as something of a perfectionist, is unhappy with Deol’s work as the director of the film, and as a result has lost interest in the project for the meantime. Deol, frustrated at a perceived lack of support from his producer, has been forced to move on to directing Crooked until Aamir’s focus returns to Delhi Belly.

This is not the first time tension with a director has threatened to derail one of Aamir Khan’s projects. A well-publicised feud with Amol Gupta over directorial credit for Taare Zameen Par illustrates one source’s opinion that: “Aamir does like to be in total charge of whatever his production house makes.”

Neither Deol nor Khan have commented on the rumoured feud.

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