Launch of The Serial Activists – A Podcast Dedicated to Hindi Serials

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A new podcast, The Serial Activists, which is dedicated to Hindi serials, has just been launched. The hosts, Amrita G and Eman K, two creative and enterprising pioneers, separated by an ocean, decided to launch The Serial Activists because they are determined to change the way the audience perceives Hindi serials and challenge the obstacles that the industry faces. You can find out more and listen in at

The Serial Activists is a podcast dedicated to defending and dissecting Hindi serials. The Serial Activists’ podcasts focus, in-depth, on everything from the narrative to the infrastructure of the industry itself. They will have five main series, which include:

Serials for Dummies: In this series, Amrita and Eman cover anything that affects a Hindi serial, whether it is production, innovation, the creativity and ingenuity of the industry, social discourse, business practices or story tropes.

The Adalat of the Serial Activists: As with any show, actors, producers, writers and designers come under fire from the fandom and with this series they attempt to put both sides forward, culminating in their final verdict, much like a courtroom drama.

The Monthly Hoshiyar: The Hindi television industry is undergoing significant changes and this is their way of keeping the audience apprised, as they discuss the potential success (and/or failures) of these endeavours every month.

SeriaList: This series is their top 5 list of all things associated with Hindi serials.

Case Study: The podcasters analyse and discuss Hindi serials, both past and present, showcasing the highs and commenting on the lulls.

“When we first got into Hindi serials, it soon became clear that there was a dearth of meaningful and constructively critical conversation about the shows”, said Amrita G, one half of the partners in podcasting. “After a while were sick and tired of our own complaining and whinging, and decided to be proactive and thus The Serial Activists were born!”

A year of pre-production, countless meetings and recordings later, Amrita and Eman organised focus groups in their respective countries to get gauge the audience response. It was overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Their next step was to launch the podcast on the online platform, and that brought an even more encouragement and support.

“What we didn’t expect is the tremendous response that we have had from the viewers, especially those who don’t even watch Hindi serials! Many of them commented on how the preview made them curious about the shows we were discussing and how they had a newfound outlook and respect for the medium!” recalled Eman K, the British half of the team of two. “After they heard the preview, most people were so eager that they wanted to know if we had already recorded our other episodes in anticipation of their release!”

About The Serial Activists
The Serial Activists is a global podcast produced by Amrita Gill and Eman Kazmi, who began pre-production work on the podcast in 2016, and launched at the beginning of May 2017. All original content on their website and social media platforms is copyrighted. While the show is exclusively about Hindi serials and the Hindi serial industry, The Serial Activists is not associated with any actor/actress, production house, channel, media outlet and fan club, and therefore any opinion expressed by the podcasters is their own, as they are not a promotional platform, paid or otherwise. To learn more about The Serial Activists, please visit

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