Leading Actress Files Attempted Murder Charge

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Top Lollywood (that’s Pakistani cinema for you) actress Meera yesterday filed a charge of attempted murder with the Defence-A police in Lahore against her purported husband Attique Rehman. At the same time, the presiding judge ordered the release of three of Meera’s bodyguards who had been detained. Meera, who has now relocated to Mumbai, has said, “I love India and aim to completely concentrate on Bollywood now. Inshaallah, I want to get married in Bollywood and have children. I want my children to act in Bollywood.”

In a plot that would make a good Bollywood movie, Rehman claims to already be Meera’s husband and that she had his child aborted when she went to work in Bollywood. He also claims that he has spent over Rs 60 million on her and that when he returned from a business trip, valuables were missing from his house. Further, he claims she has threatened his life.

Meera, however, claims that producer Faisal Saif is trying to ruin her reputation and has employed Attique to pretend to be her husband and to make death threats against her. She says it’s ridiculous to accuse her of stealing things from her own house.

Rehman retaliates by saying that he doesn’t know any producer called Saif and that Meera is making up stories to cover up her marriage to him.

There is also confusion over the house in which Meera lives, both parties claiming to own it.

The police say they have evidence that the couple were wed in 2007 and that the house is in Meera’s name, although they concede it’s possible that Attique may have originally bought it. They are investigating death threats on both sides.

I think that we can safely say, this is one marriage that has irretrievably broken down!

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