Lisa Hopes to Veer towards Bollywood

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British beauty Lisa Lazarus is proud of her work in Salman Khan’s Veer and hopes it will lead to other forays into Bollywood. “Working with Salman has been the highlight of filming,” she says, “Since I was new to the industry, he took me under his wings. I got taught by the best. I hope to make him proud since I know how much Veer means to him.”

As part of the action in the movie, Lisa is rescued by Salman fighting a lion. “The scene is a rescue act,” confirms director Vijay Ghilani, “Liza Lazarus is on a hunting spree in the jungle. Suddenly, a lion attacks her. Salman spots her in trouble and fights the lion to save her.”

Lisa’s next production will be to finish her undergraduate course and take on her Masters. “My current ambition is to complete my University degree, then I will always have that to fall back on,” she says, “Later I would like to further my career and specialise in working with cancer patients. I am particularly interested in the development of x-ray machines and radiation, and would like to further my knowledge by doing my Masters degree in this area.”

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