Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth together in a film

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Lisa Ray’s cross-cultural lesbian love story I Can’t Think Straight comes to cinemas in the US soon after having been picked up Indie firm Here! Films. The movie is based on British author Shamin Sharif’s novel and shows Lisa as a Palestinian and American actor Sheetal Sheth as a Muslim Indian.

Toronto-born Lisa lived in India for eight years where she began her modeling and acting career but never felt really comfortable in Bollywood movies. She later left and studied drama in the UK. She is best known for her breathtaking role as Kalyani in Deepa Mehta’s Water but has also appeared in the interesting Canadian film noir Kill Kill Faster Faster and Toronto Stories. How does she feel about the way her career has developed away from Bollywood? “I’m optimistic and full of anticipation,” she says. “I’ve seen that again, I’ve taken rather unconventional choices in my life and as an actor. Sometimes you feel you’re put in a position where you can’t say no.” Lisa has said she would like to see less of the star and superstar system in Bollywood and feels that has seen signs that this is breaking down. “The parameters of how we judge actors in India are increasing,” she argues. “It’s not just about being a star. I hope that the star system gets broken. We need to provide a platform for all the talent that has come out of drama schools in India.”

Sheetal Sheth has appeared in movies such as Wings of Hope, Indian Cowboy, The World Unseen, (with Lisa Ray) and , The Trouble With Romance,. Would Sheetal be interested in a Bollywood movie? “I love to dance, and temptation might yet get the better of me if I am offered a role with some depth in it,” she says.

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