Lisa Ray re-organizes her life

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There is no one better suited for the title of ‘Warrior Princess’ then the very stunning, princess like and extremely talented Lisa Ray, who has now become the hero of many who look up to her. The Canadian actress who started off her career in Vikram Bhatt’s Kasoor was diagnosed with cancer and after a long, hard and tiring battle has finally beaten the disease.

However the journey through recovery has opened her eyes to many things in life and one of them being her priorities. Now that she’s recovered Lisa has many things listed that she is going to give her attention to pronto.

The first of these is the idea of starting a family. Lisa has been in a long term relationship with a French photographer, however will he be the man she settles down with or not is another question altogether. The actress was quoted saying in a recent interview, “My priority is to find a life partner and have a family. When the person is right, it (marriage) will happen.”

Second on her list is to rekindle her relationship with the country that gave her all that she enjoys today, India. “India has shaped a large part of who I am. To truly embrace a place, I think you must be still and silent and approach it with an open heart. Most of my time spent in India has largely been while working, so I’d like to experience more meditative, non-scheduled moments now,” she said.

Summing up her priorities the actress said she hopes to redesign her life to give importance to relationship, fostering communities and live simple, slow and peaceful life. In addition she hopes to raise awareness for stem cell procedures, bone marrow donation and cancer.

Not only has the experience with cancer changed Lisa’s perspective of life but also beauty, having been the ‘Most Beautiful’ list for both India and Canada. “While flattering, I don’t entirely put a lot of faith into these ‘lists’ as they are as fickle and impermanent as physical beauty. My experience with cancer just made me concentrate less on the superficial.”

Amongst many other things the actress is also getting into the habit of blogging and is enjoying this medium of letting her thoughts run wild.

Kudos to our very own warrior princess who will surely go on to inspire thousands if not millions!

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