Lootera hangs on during weekdays

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13jul_Lootera-weekdaysWhen Lootera did show good escalation over the weekend, it was expected that weekdays would stay on to be stable. Well, they did stay stable, but on the lower side, as a result of which the film collected 27 crores at the end of first week. That may have still seemed okay had the weekend not showed good rise in numbers. However given the fact that the momentum didn’t really stay on its peak does give a clear indication that it’s target audience was exhausted sooner than one would have imagined.

The film is now a break even affair though frankly, a much better verdict was expected due to word of mouth that had started gaining. As stated in the last week’s column though, more than anything else the film would add a lot of credibility to all involved though it won’t be remembered for the moolah that it could have possibly gained.

Policegiri would be unfortunately remembered as one of those Sanjay Dutt films that couldn’t really give much fight at the box office. Though it too had shown some level of escalation in momentum over the weekend, there wasn’t much to cheer about in days to come. The film continued to slide and eventually ended it’s first week around the 14 crore mark. Again, given the action flavour of the film, more was expected from this cop v/s goon film. One wonders whether a better title could have saved the day. However, that is all left to speculation now since the film would struggle to touch even the 20 crore mark.

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