Love aaj and Love kal

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Coming soon to a theater near you is Love Aaj Kal, the romantic film directed by Imtiaz Ali and starring the new exciting jodi of Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone. Producer Dinesh Vijan told IANS the film is about love aaj and love kal, “The story basically revolves around the fact that though the process of relationships and love has changed over time, its essence and basic character remains the same.”

The film is complete but it did run into some trouble during its last schedule when a camera failed and some of the footage was lost. Because of that an extra day had to be added on and that one day cost producers 9 lakhs. A source said, “The initial shoot of the Saif Ali Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer was scheduled to be completed in three days for which a motion-control rig camera was arranged. Everything was proceeding smoothly on Sunday when suddenly, a technical error corrupted the camera. As a result, the five scenes that were shot were completely wiped out. Everybody tried hard to retrieve the scenes to no avail.” Since it was shots with a special camera that were lost it took extra time to re-can the scenes but Saif and Deepika added the day and the film was complete, “The entire process was extremely time consuming. Scenes shot with the special motion-control rig camera always have to be shot from four different angles and that called for 20 takes. Thankfully, the lead couple obliged instantly.”

In an interesting promotional campaign the producers are tying up with the T20 World Cup. Both Saif and Deepika will be in England for the tournament to cheer on the Indian team. “Basically we see that the cricket tournament if a great platform to promote our film following our last win at the World Cup. Love Aaj Kal is one our biggest movies and we wanted to mount it on a large platform. We are co-producers with Saif’s Illuminati films and we also announced the title of the film recently. Since there is tremendous cache with Bollywood and sports we decided to tie up with ESPN to promote our film at the T-20 world cup. We will be unveiling the look of the film at the World Cup,” said Biren Ghose of Eros International

Vijan says that Love Aaj Kal’s story will appeal to the young and old, “Our film has a very relevant language. The story caters to both generations and thus has ‘Kal’ and ‘Aaj’ in the title. Therefore, the film has a wide reach. Everyone will feel connected to the subject.”

BollySpice will be covering all things Love Aaj Kal so be sure to check back to read even more about this exciting film!

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