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Imitiaz Ali certainly has some big shoes to fit with Love Aaj Kal; his own. After the major success of Jab We Met in all sectors of the film including the music. There isn’t a single song on the JWM album that wasn’t appreciated, loved, sung numerous times and rocked the music charts. From the danceable ‘Mauja’ to the cutesy ‘Yeh Ishq’ to the mellow ‘Aao Jab Tum’ and the romantic ‘Tum Se Hi’ and finally the Balle-Balle ‘Nagada’, the entire JWM album was flawless making it one of Pritam’s most popular and successful albums. And now, two years later, the Imtiaz-Pritam team are back with a bang ready with their next romantic offering in the form of Love Aaj Kal. With an eminent reputation behind them post JMW, audiences and critics alike are not expecting anything less than an album that once again is filled with fun and emotion. Starring Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone, the film is set to release towards the end of the month. So will the music help drag in audiences or will you be replaying Jab We Met to fill the void? Read on to find out.

The album opens with a Punjabi number, Aahun Aahun. Thankfully, it bears no resemblance to ‘Nagada’ and yet is one heckuva dancey song. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects about the song is the electric guitar that plays in the background which helps to give the track a more modern and contemporary feel. With Jazzy B and Neeraj Shridhar both alternating in the singing department, the song is headed to become a popular one when heard and knowing Imtiaz, when it is finally seen on the big screen. The remixed version is guaranteed to be played at the clubs after the song gains some popularity.

With the Punjabi number out of the way, Pritam’s next offering is the romantic ballad Aaj Din Chadeyaa. This is exactly what makes an album complete and especially when the likes of the talented Rahat Fateh Ali Khan takes stage, you mustn’t expect any less. Hauntingly passionate, the song begins with a beautiful alaap and finally cuts into the track. However it wouldn’t be fair to compare this number to ‘Aaoge Jab’ or ‘Tum Se Hi’ simply because the songs are so varied and different. That said, this song is so beautifully composed, it puts the listener in a quixotic mood and allows you to fondly reminisce over past and current love.

Chor Bazari is interesting although it houses extremely cheesy lyrics. Nevertheless, the song is foot-tapping and with the fun jodi of Sunidhi Chauhan and Neeraj Shridhar both collectively taking the mic on this one. While it is highly doubted that it will top music charts, the song will gain in popularity amongst the younger listeners. Unfortunately, even the remixed version will not help to provide any solace for this song either.

Main Kya Hoon by K.K. is extremely light on the ears. The upbeat tempo and interesting background beats help the song stay slow and yet quite fast. This is K.K. at his usual upbeat best in a somewhat poignant song which manages to hold its own in this album and this number adds more variety to the album.

Ye Doorian sounds slightly similar to ‘Tum Se Hi’ although Mohit Chauhan has tried exceeding hard to make it seem completely different. The lyrics are simply okay but I personally liked the use of the word “Fanaa” as he croons “Fanaa ho sabi doorian” in the chorus. Due to Chauhan’s beautiful texture in his voice, the song comes across as soothing. Appealing and perfect for a rainy day, this one is a winner on the album.

Thoda Thoda Pyar is the actual folky Punjabi song in the album which is guaranteed to be part of a wedding scene in the film. Sunidhi does her best to help this song which is seriously mediocre. The lyrics and the music are completely folksy which does not really match or fit in the album.

And the winner of the album has to be Twist. From the minute it begins with the Nagin and is stylishly mixed with the popular ‘Ek Pardesi’ from the 1950’s hit Phagun, you know Pritam has hit the bullet. The lyrics are smart and the reggae mix-in makes this one a complete winner amongst the youth. ‘Twist’ is cleverly rhymed with “wrist” and “jest” and additionally sung with great fun by Neeraj Shridhar. The nagin music in the background makes this one ethnic while the Hinglish words make it modern and contemporary. The remix is equally good. This one is the topper of the album.

Okay, this is no Jab We Met but it does include some good music which needs to be a part of your summer 2009 collection. You will fall in love with ‘Twist’ immediately which is addictive; don’t say we didn’t tell you. Comparisons are inevitable but Love Aaj Kal does give shelter to some fabulously fun tracks. A good one for your collection.

Our Rating

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