Love BreakUps Zindagi – Celebs Talk BreakUps

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A short while ago we had brought to you what the celebs thoughs on LOVE and now we bring to you what their thoughts are on BREAKUPS. Here’s what they said:

“See it’s very limited to romantic liaisons. Not a big word really but can affect people very deeply” – Sushmita Sen

“Sometimes it’s a mutual call.” – Jaccky Bhagnani

“Very rarely 2 people amicably breakup. I don’t know which position is worse. I don’t know if it’s worse to be dumped.  One is rejection the other is guilt so you pick your poison.Zoya Akhtar

“It’s the bitter reality of life.” – Arshad Warsi

“BreakUp is an emotion that makes you stop having a shower.” – Rajkumar Hirani

“I want to wake up after 6 months no memory whatsoever of what happened.” – Vidya Balan

“Gossiping, lot of crying and tissue boxes… It obviously depends whether you’re the one breaking up… Anger, blame.” – Soha Ali Khan

“It’s still very difficult … an almost reincarnation, like a different chapter, moving on. There can be a positive to it” – Jacqueline Fernandez

“Interval.” – Imtiaz Ali

“Sadness but life still goes on.” – Raveena Tandon

“It’s just a bad word (laughs). You have to believe that love will happen all over again.” – Bipasha Basu

“Rest In Peace….R.I.P.  (laughs)” – Arjun Rampal


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