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Besides being writers about Bollywood, one thing we all have in common here at is that we LOVE Bollywood. We are all fans as well as journalists and we are so happy that we are able to write about what we love. Sometimes besides our work for BollySpice we get other chances to spread the Bollylove and there is no better place than on BBC Asian Network’s Bollytastic show Love Bollywood with Raj & Pablo! Our writer Amrita shares her surprising experience with one of her all time fav’s Vivek Oberoi when she visited the show. Want to know more? Read on to find out what happened!

Being a reviewer on Love Bollywood on the BBC Asian Network has always been heaps of fun. From film and soundtrack reviews to retro film-clubs, the show brings out the Bollywood passion in even the most anti-soul. Raj&Pablo bring to the show a fun, fresh and unmissable mix of music, gossip, news and comedy. When I was asked to participate in the Vivek Oberoi Fan Club on Sunday, I could hardly contain my excitement. I’ve been a fan of Oberoi’s since his debut in Company. I saw this as my chance to pay my very own tribute to the person behind the actor I admired so much and who is an inspiration for me.

From the time I entered the studio, to the time I left, it was evident that Vivek Oberoi was a true international star. With ardent fans from all over the globe getting in touch with the show to convey their feeling towards their favourite actor, it became increasingly obvious that Oberoi wasn’t just a much loved actor; he was a much-loved Twitter celebrity too.

With Raj&Pablo as hosts, there’s never a dull moment as they asked me what one thing about Oberoi I love the most… his smile. That cheeky yet gorgeous, handsome yet endearing smile is enough to light up even the dullest of rooms… and that’s way before VO’s personality even arrives! The duo then quizzed me by asking that I used one word to convey my thoughts about Prince Oberoi… My answer? Love! I am totally besotted by him after all….

With special words from a number of Oberoi fans, the fan club was becoming a very interesting one. Little did I know the secret that was up the producer’s sleeve? In the midst of the healthy discussion, we are informed that the man himself – yes, Mr Vivek Oberoi – has agreed to come live on the phone from Delhi to say a few words for his fans. From that moment onwards, it all seems like a blur… did someone say marriage proposal?!

Ok… so I’m exaggerating a little! Oberoi came live on air, “Hey guys, how you doing? Hi Amrita…” At this point, I was in heaven… well, that’s how it felt. As the boys spoke to Vivek about the show, I got the chance to say a big thank you for making his fans feel so special. Oberoi revealed that during his bad times, it was his fans that he looked to as his strength and that it was their love got him through the rough patch.

Pablo then asks the dreaded question, “Amrita, if there was one question you could ask Vivek right now, what would it be?” I was stuck… the only question that kept doing its rounds in my head was a marriage proposal… this could NOT be happening! As Pablo asked the Prince of Bollywood about his forthcoming marriage and his fianc

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